This function allows you to maintain debtors of your company. Debtors are also known as your customers, usually used at your sales entries.


To access Debtor, click on the Master Data icon > Debtor.





Creating a new Debtor

To create a new Debtor, click on the “+New” button.






Active: Indicate if debtor is still active. Unticking this will cause you unable to select this debtor at your entries.

Control Account: Choose the control account of your debtor.

Debtor Code: Key in your debtor code. You may also click on the “+” to auto generate a debtor code. The auto generated debtor code format is based on your account code format under Setting à Account Code Format.

Company Name: Key in company name of the debtor. Example: ABC SDN BHD.

Alternate Company Name: Key in alternate company name of the debtor.

Registration No: Key in company registration number of the debtor.



Billing Address: Key in billing address of this debtor. This address will be captured in sales entries.

Delivery Address: Key in delivery address of this debtor. This address will be captured in sales entries.

Billing Post Code: Key in billing post code.

Delivery Post Code: Key in delivery post code.

Area: Select the area for this debtor.

Phone: Key in phone number of this debtor.

Phone 2: Key in alternate phone number of this debtor.

Fax: Key in fax number of this debtor.

Fax 2: Key in alternate fax number of this debtor.

Email Address: Key in email address of this debtor.

Website: Key in website of this debtor.

Attention: Key in attention person of this debtor.

Business Nature: Key in nature of business of this debtor.



Agent: Assign a sales agent to handle this debtor. This agent will be captured at sales entries.

Currency: Select operating currency of this debtor.

Credit Term: Assign a credit term for this debtor.

Tax: Select default tax code of this debtor. This tax code will be auto captured in sales entries.

Tax Registration No: Key in tax registration number of this debtor.

Note: Key in any additional notes or remark of this debtor.


Click “Save” to commit the changes once you had done keying in or editing the required information.


Print Debtor Listing

You can print Debtor Listing for reference or any other purpose.

1. At Debtor main page, click on the “Print Listing” button.



2. Select Report Name.



3. Define your filters and options. This will determine the results and presentation of the generated report.



4. Click on the “Run Report” button to generate the report.



5. The report will be generated based on your selection.


6. You can now print or export to the format that you want.