This function allows you to manage your Invoices. Invoice is used to bill or charge customer that purchase products or services provided by your company.

*Invoice will deduct your stock quantity and amount will be posted into your accounts which will affect your Stock and Accounting reports.


To access Invoice, click on the Sales Menu > Invoice.




There are 2 sections in Invoice main page:



This section will show a summary of your Invoices for the past 12 months. It also summarizes these transactions into 4 different status: Unpaid, Partial Payment, Full Payment and Void.



This section is a listing of all your Invoices. You can View, Edit, Void / Unvoid, Print, Send Delivery Location or Delete any Invoice from the listing by accessing the last “Action” column.

Creating a new Invoice


1. Click on the “+New” button.



2. Select your customer. Customer information such as Name, Address etc will display accordingly if you had maintained it in Debtor.



3 Key in any other fields at the header as require. You may leave the “Invoice No” empty if wish to run system auto numbering. The next possible number is usually displayed at the title.



4. At the detail section, select products or services that you wish to bill your customer. You may also want to key in detail such as Qty, Unit Price, Discount etc if required.



5. Click on the “Save” button to save the transaction.



6. If you do not have enough quantity on the products that you are billing, a dialog will appear to reconfirm if you still want to proceed. Click “Yes” to proceed or “No” to abort save and make changes.

*Quantity checking only on Inventory Product.



Additional Note:

For overseas customer, you can key in the currency rate at the “Rate” column.




Copy from Quotation

If you want to copy the information and details from a Quotation, you can use “Copy from Quotation”.


1. At Invoice main page, click on the arrow down beside the “+New” button > Copy from Quotation.



2. A dialog will appear. You can search and select which Quotation that you wish to copy and click “Copy”.


3. A new Invoice will prompt with copied information from the Quotation that you had selected.



4. You can make any changes as required. Click on the “Save” button to save this transaction.


Print Invoice

You can print or export Invoice to send it to your customer.


1. At Invoice main page, click on the arrow down button > Print on the Invoice that you wish to print. You can also click on the “Action” > Print if you are viewing the Invoice.





2. A small dialog will appear. Select your Report Name and click “OK”.



3. The Invoice printout will be generated.



4. You can now print or export to the format that you want.




Send Delivery Location

If you are providing delivery service to delivery your products or need to perform your services at customer place, you can make use of the “Send Delivery Location” to send customer’s location to person in charge through WhatsApp.  

*Please make sure there is Delivery Address if you wish to send Delivery Location. By default, it will capture from Debtor, or you can type it in the Invoice.

1. At Invoice main page, click on the arrow down button > Send Delivery Location on the Invoice’s address that you need. You can also click on the “Action” > Send Delivery Location if you are viewing the Invoice.




2. It will then prompt your WhatsApp application if you installed, else you may choose to use WhatsApp Web.



3. Search and select the contact that you wish to send.



4. The message will be auto generated. Click on WhatsApp “Send” button to send. It will send as Waze Location and Google Location to the receiver.




View Knock Off Details

If you want to know is there any transaction knock off against the Invoice, you can use “View Knock Off Details”. Usually, Receipt Payment or Credit Note will be used to knock off against Invoice.


1. View the Invoice that you wish to check on the knock off details.



2. Click on the “Action” button > View Knock Off Details.



3. A small dialog will appear. It will show any related transaction that knock off against this Invoice.


Print Invoice Listing and Batch Printing

If you want to printout a listing of your Invoices or maybe batch printing multiple Invoices, you can use “Print Listing” function to achieve this.


1. At Invoice main page, click on the “Print Listing” button.



2. Select Report Type. There are 2 selections:

  • Batch Print Invoice: To print multiple Invoices.
  • Print Invoice Listing: To print Invoice listing.



3. Select Report Name. Report Name will be based on the Report Type that you had selected.



4. Define your filters and options. This will determine the results and presentation of the generated report.



5. Click on the “Run Report” button to generate the report.



6. The report will be generated based on your selection.



7. You can now print or export to the format that you want.