This function allows you to generate Monthly Sales Analysis report. Monthly Sales Analysis report is used to view the sales performance of company by month. By generating the report across multiple months, it can be used to compare performance between different month and can be viewed in different perspective, either by Debtor, by Sales Agent, by Product or by Product Category.


To access Monthly Sales Analysis, click on the Sales Menu > Reports > Monthly Sales Analysis.




Generate and Print Monthly Sales Analysis


1. Select the date range that you wish to generate the Monthly Sales Analysis.

*You can only select up till 12 months.



2. Define your filters and options. This will determine the results and presentation of your generated report.



3. Click on “Inquiry” button to generate the results.



4. The results will be generated based on your filters and options.



5. Click on “Print Report” button to print report.



6. A small dialog will appear. Select the Report Name and click “OK”.



7. The report will be generated based on your selection.



8. You can now print or export to the format that you want.