This function allows you to generate Debtor Aging report. Debtor Aging is used to monitor and identify debtors that are still owing your company. It will show the owed amount by separating it into months (depends on owing duration), total balances, total overdue and all the outstanding transactions.


To access Debtor Aging, click on the Accounting Menu > Reports > Debtor Aging.




Generate and Print Debtor Aging


1. Select the date that you wish to generate the Debtor Aging.



2. Define your filters and options. This will determine the results and presentation of your generated report.



3. Click on “Inquiry” button to generate result.



4. The results will be generated based on your filters and options.



5. For Debtor Aging, you can expand the debtor for details.



6. You can also untick “Master Detail View” option for a different view. It will combine master and detail together and present it as a single line for each transaction.



7. Click on “Print Report” button to print report.



8. A small dialog will appear. Select Report Name, define your Report Options and click “OK”.



9. The report will be generated based on your selection.



10. You can now print or export to the format that you want.