This function allows you to view specific Product information. Product Inquiry able to show some of the common and frequent used information of the product at one page such as price, balance quantity, variant Info, price history and aging.


To access Product Inquiry, click on the Stock Menu > Product Inquiry.




Using Product Inquiry


1. Key in key word at the search bar.



2. Click on “Search” button to search based on your key word.



3. Select the product that you wish to inquiry.



4. Information on the selected product will be shown. Information shown here will always be the up-to-date info.




Product Inquiry Sections


General Section

This section shows the general information about the product. General information such as Product Name, Product Category, Unit, Selling Price, Cost, Status is shown at this section.



Quantity Section

This section shows balance quantity of the product by each location, by each variant (if any). Balance quantity here is the up-to-date balance quantity which take into consideration all transactions that you keyed in the system (including future transaction).



Product Variant Section

This section shows the product’s variant information if any. It will show each combination of the product variant with its selling price and minimum selling price.



Price History Section

This section shows the past pricing record of the product by customer or supplier by a given date range. You will need to select customer or supplier and date range to show the selected product history.



Aging Section

This section shows the aging of the selected customer (debtor) or supplier (creditor). This aging is the same as Debtor Aging and Creditor Aging, providing aging information on the outstanding balances.

*This is not Stock or Product Aging.