This function allows you to manage your Stock Adjustments. Stock Adjustment is usually used to adjust the quantity of your stock due to specific reason such as stock damage, loss etc.

*Stock Adjustment will add or deduct your stock quantity depending on the quantity that you are adjusting and affects your Stock Reports.


To access Stock Adjustment, click on the Stock Menu > Stock Adjustment.




Stock Adjustment main page will have a listing of all your Stock Adjustments. You can View, Edit, Void / Unvoid, Print or Delete any Stock Adjustment by accessing the last “Action” column.

Creating a new Stock Adjustment


1. Click on the “+New” button.



2. Key in the purpose of your Stock Adjustment at the Description field.



3. Key in any other fields at header as require. You may leave the “Stock Adjustment No” empty if wish to run system auto numbering. The next possible number is usually displayed at the title.



4. At the detail section, select stock codes that you wish to adjust. You may also want to key in detail such as Description, Qty etc if required.

*For adding quantity, Unit Cost is required to calculate your costing.



5. Click on the “Save” button to save the transaction.



6. After the adjustment, you can see from your Stock Card or Stock Balance that the quantity of the stock had been adjusted accordingly.




Additional Note:

You can also use Stock Adjustment to adjust your stock balance cost by just keying in the “Unit Cost” without keying in any quantity. Key in positive Unit Cost to increase the cost and negative Unit Cost to decrease the cost.



In your Stock Card, there will be a record of this Stock Adjustment that shows the adjustment of this cost without affecting your quantity.



Print Stock Adjustment

You can print or export Stock Adjustment for filing purpose.


1. At Stock Adjustment main page, click on the arrow down button > Print on the Stock Adjustment that you wish to print. You can also click on the “Action” > Print if you are viewing the Stock Adjustment.




2. A small dialog will appear. Select your Report Name and click “OK”.


3. The Stock Adjustment printout will be generated.



4. You can now print or export to the format that you want.



Print Stock Adjustment Listing and Batch Printing

If you want to printout a listing of your Stock Adjustments or maybe batch printing multiple Stock Adjustments, you can use “Print Listing” function to achieve this.


1. At Stock Adjustment main page, click on the “Print Listing” button.


2. Select Report Type. There are 2 selections:

  • Batch Print Stock Adjustment: To print multiple Stock Adjustments.
  • Print Stock Adjustment Listing: To print Stock Adjustment listing.



3. Select Report Name. Report Name will be based on the Report Type that you had selected.



4. Define your filters and options. This will determine the results and presentation of the generated report.



5. Click on the “Run Report” button to generate the report.



6. The report will be generated based on your selection.



7. You can now print or export to the format that you want.