This function allows you to maintain your stock opening. It is used to input your current stock balance quantity and cost when you start to use the system.


To access Stock Opening Balance, click on the Account Book Setting > Stock Opening Balance.





Keying in Stock Opening Balance


1. At the grid, directly click on the “Unit Cost” or “Quantity” column of the stock to key in your unit cost and balance quantity. The “Total Cost” will auto add up once you had input your unit cost and balance quantity.



2. After keying in all the required unit cost and quantity. Click “Save”.



3. You can then check at your Stock Balance report (Stock Menu > Reports > Stock Balance) to see your latest balance quantity and cost.



Additional Note:

If you have multiple locations, make sure you had selected the correct location first before keying in unit cost and balance quantity.



Reset Stock Opening Balance

If you ever need to reset Stock Opening Balance to default (which is all 0), you can use “Reset Stock Opening Balance” function.