This function allows you to process your company SST. It will process your SST transactions based on taxable period, generate a summary of your company SST so that you can submit your SST to custom.


To access SST Processor, click on the Tax Menu > SST Processor.




Process SST


1. Click on the “New” button to generate your company SST. For the first taxable period, it will follow your SST Start Date set under Tax Settings. 




2. The system will start to process the SST based on your transactions in that taxable period.


3. The SST Return will prompt after the system had summarize your company SST. If your transactions volume is huge, kindly wait for a moment for the system to process.


4. The SST Return will show some of the basic information of your company, tax summary, SST-02 for Sales Tax, SST-02 for Service Tax, Payment Collection and Service Payment over 12 months.


5. At the Tax Summary tab, you can view your taxable period Taxable Amount and Tax by each respective tax codes. You can even drill down by clicking on the tax code to know from which transactions does the figure comes from.




6. At the SST-02 (Sales) tab, you can review your Sales Tax related figures. Like Tax Summary, you can click on most of the figures to drill down and see the source of transactions that contributed to this figure.



7. At the SST-02 (Service) tab, you can review your Service Tax related figures. Like Tax Summary, you can click on most of the figures to drill down and see the source of transactions that contributed to this figure.



8. At the Payment Collection tab, you can see a list of payments that is related to service tax. This tab is only useful for company that runs service tax or payment basis tax codes.




9. At the Service Payment over 12 months tab, you can see any service tax that is not paid after 12 months and system will auto calculate this service tax to be paid in the 13th month taxable period. If there are any future payments on such invoice, the processor will not process it again to avoid double pay for this service tax.



10. After processing and cross checking all the figures, you may want to key in some company info for submission. Click on the “Actions” button > SST-02 Info. A dialog will prompt to fill in information on the person in charge of this company.




11. You can also print the SST results in SST-02 forms. Click on “Actions” button > Print. A dialog will appear for you to choose various printout formats. For SST-02 forms, kindly select Malaysia SST 02 (Sales) or Malaysia SST 02 (Services), depending on you are submitting Sales or Service Tax. After selecting the format, click “OK” and the system will generate the report.





12. You can now print or export to the format that you want.



13. If you are requested to submit certain Lampiran attachment by the custom, you can also click on the “Actions” button > Export Attachment in Excel. A dialog will prompt for you to export your SST into certain Lampiran format. Select the format and click “OK” to export it.




14. If you wish to submit your SST-02 into custom website, you will need to generate SST Return file from the processor. To do so, click on the “Actions” button > Generate SST Return File. A file will be generated and downloaded into your PC (may check from your default download folder). This file will then be used to upload at the custom website for SST submission.





15. After submitting your SST, you can commit this processor to lock it. To commit the processor, click on the “Actions” button > Commit.



16. After that, a confirmation message will appear. Click “Yes, commit it” to proceed.



17. After committing the SST processor, a journal will be generated to zeroize your SST Sales Account and SST Service Tax Account and transfer this figure to SST Control Account. You can view this system generated Journal by click on the “Actions” button > View Journal Entry. You can only see this after you had committed your SST Processor.




18. You had now completed your SST Processor for a taxable period. Repeat these steps for each taxable period submission.

Paying SST to Custom

After you had submitted your SST and made any payment to the custom, a payment voucher must be created to record this payment activity.


1. To perform a payment record, you will need to access Accounting Menu > Cash Book Entry. Any payments made must create a Cash Book record.



2. Hover your mouse to the “New” button and choose “New Payment Voucher”.



3. Fill in all required info into your Cash Book Entry such as Pay To, Description, Date, Payment Method etc. For the Acc No at detail, you will have to choose SST Control Account because committed processor will pass all tax figures into this account. This payment made will then contra against the amount in that SST Control account to zeroize it.



4. After you had done filling in the required info, click on the “Save” button to save this cash book transaction.