This function allows you to simulate your company SST for a certain taxable period. It will generate the results based on your available transactions and will not process your company SST. It is just for an overall view of your company SST condition.


To access SST Instant Info, click on the Tax Menu > SST Instant Info.




Running SST Instant Info


1. Set your taxable period or date range by clicking on the “Change” button.



2. A dialog will prompt for you to select your date.



3. Click “OK” and the system will calculate your company SST based on the date range provided.


4. Results will be generated below and you can refer to each specific tabs depending on what information that you would like to look into.


5. Refer to the table below for each tab information:




Tax Summary

This tab will show summary information on used tax code

SST-02 (Sales)

This tab will simulate your SST-02 Return form based on Sales Tax

SST-02 (Services)

This tab will simulate your SST-02 Return form based on Service Tax

Payment Collection

This tab will show a list of payments that is related to service tax

Service Payment over 12 Months

This tab will show any service tax that is not paid after 12 months and system to auto account it for your SST submission


6. You can click on the “Refresh” button anytime to recalculate the Instant Info. This is useful if you are adding or editing transactions in a separate browser tab so that you don’t have to reopen this page again


Additional Note:

This function is similar to SST Processer. The differences is that SST Processor is used to actually run your company SST while SST Instant Info is used to have an overall view, more like a reporting functions for SST.