How to insert further description in Journal Entry?


1) To design the report, you may click Print and click 'Design Report' button on the right side. Click 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) Click on Detail1 band and extend the Height (so that you can have more space to work on). Or you may click the Properties Icon > Layout > Size > Height, change the value of Height.

3) You would need to click, hold and pull out Rich Text from the left panel and place on the report.

4) Then you may click on the Properties Icon > click on the 3 dots at HTML Expression.

5) Expression Editor will pop up and find the “FurtherDescription” in the Fields and double click on it. 

The Expression Editor box will show [FurtherDescription], then click on OK.

6) After done you may click the Menu on the top left and Save As and rename to new report as the original system Report is not allowed to amend and save. 

By: Rotcana 211015, Lay Swan 211026, P211027