How to set number of items to be printed per page in Invoice? 


1) Pull out page break control from the tool bar and place it at the top of the invoice band (refer to image below). 

2) Under Behavior, uncheck “Visible".

3) Click on Expressions.

4) Click on to set the script.

5) Set the script as below and click on OK. The below script is to set 10 item per page.

( [DataSource.CurrentRowIndex]  % 10 == 0) And ( [DataSource.CurrentRowIndex]  != 0)

6) After done this, you may click the Menu on the top left and Save As and rename to new report (the original system report is not allowed to amend and save).

7) Choose the report format and preview print.

By: Aimi 211217, Lay Swan 211228, P211229