I've designed report format for Invoice at Company A, how can I copy this report format to another account book – Company B? 


You need to use Export to File and Import from File function.

1) Go to Tools > Design Report, under ‘User Reports’ select the report format and click on ‘Design’.


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2) Click on Menu button and select ‘Export to file’. The report file will be downloaded.

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3) Now Login to Company B. Go to Tools > Design Report, click on ‘New’ and select report type ‘Invoice Document’ and click on ‘OK’.

4) At Report Design, click on Menu button and select ‘Import from file’.

5) Browse the report file from Downloads folder and click on ‘Open’.

6) Click on Menu and select ‘Save As..’ to save to a new report name.

Now the report format is copied to Company B.



By: Kai Chen 220111, Lay Swan 220125, P220127