How to show Total Quantity when I preview/ print my Invoice?


1) To design the report, click Print and click 'Design Report' button on the right side. Click 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) Go to Field List (1) > expand objectDataSource1 (2) > Invoice (3) > InvoiceDetail (4) > click and drag out ‘Quantity’ column.

3) Then click on the Expressions icon (symbol 'f') and click on the ellipsis (...) at Text

4) It will prompt Expression Editor, key in Sum([Qty]) at the Expression Editor, then click OK.

5) To adjust the decimal, go to Properties > Text Format String, key in {0:n0}.

You may click on the ellipsis (...) to choose other format string too.

6) After done, move and adjust the position of the field, then click the Menu on the top left and Save As new report.

Note: May perform the same steps for show Total Discount Amount.

By: Rotcana 220315, Lay Swan 220329, P220330