Why can’t I save new payment voucher? There is a message prompted “Duplicate document number: “PV-000017” (if document number is auto generated, please check Numbering format’s Next Number.)”

Possible Reason:

This indicates that the document number PV-000017 is already used.

As document number is unique, it will not allow to have duplicated number. 



1) At Cash Book Entry grid, click on Doc.No. to sort, and check the last used PV number. The last PV number was PV-000022, so you should change the next number to 23.

2) Go to Master Data(1) > Numbering Format(2).

3) Click 'Edit' on Payment Voucher numbering format and change Next Number to 23 and Save.

Now you should be able to save the Payment Voucher. 


By: Rotcana 220517, Lay Swan 220524, P 220525