When I print Delivery Order from Invoice, the document number is still using Invoice document number, I-000013. Is there any way to use report design to change the document number from “I-000013” to “DO-000013”?


Yes, you may use the substring function which can retrieves a substring from String. The substring starts at StartPosition.

Substring(String, StartPosition)

1. Click on Design Report.

2. Click on Design on Delivery Order report name.

3. Click on the [DocNo] field, and click on f .

4. Define your Invoice document format and replace it with the new Expression.


a. The format is based on existing document number.


    For this case, the format is I-000013


b. Key in the below expression:



DO = Format you want, example: DO, D/O

Substring(String, StartPosition)

String = the field name of document number, DocNo

Start Position = input the start position for the substring.


Document number is I-000013. The first character position is 0.

Substring([DocNo],1) result will be -000013

The expression ‘DO’+, mean will add DO in front of it.

Result will be DO-000013

If the document number is SI-000013

The expression will be


5. Click on Menu on top left, and click on Save As… and save as a new report name.

6. Preview the report and now the document number will be DO-000013.

By: Aimi 230216, Lay Swan 230221, P230222