I want to group products using Product Code, how can I amend it in Design Report?

*Example used is Quotation

Example transaction: 


1) To design the report, click Print and click 'Design Report' button on the right side. Click 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) To group by Product Code, click once on DetailReport (1) > under Properties (2) > Bands, click on Insert Group Header Band (3) icon. There will be a new band GroupHeader1 added to the report design.

3) Click once on the GroupHeader1 (1) > at Properties, expand Group Fields (2) > click ‘+’ icon (3) > there should appear ‘Group By’. Click on the drop-down arrow, expand ProductEntity > scroll down look for ProductCode and select it. 

4) Next go to Field List (1) > expand objectDataSource1 (2) > expand Quotation (3) > expand QuotationDetail (4) > expand Product Entity (5) > scroll down and look for ProductCode. Click, hold and drag onto GroupHeader1.

5) You may set background color for this field by click on the field ProdutEntity.ProductCode (1) > under Properties (2) > expand Appearance (3) > click on the Background color drop-down arrow and adjust the color (4), then click on OK (5).

6) Next click on DetailReport (1) > under Properties (2) > bands, click on Insert Group Footer Band icon (3). There will be a new band GroupFooter2 added to the report design.

7) While GroupFooter2 is selected, go to Properties > scroll down to Behavior > Expand Behavior > under ‘Level’, change to 0. The GroupFooter2 will move up.

8) You can drag to minimize the GroupHeader1 and GroupFooter2 as needed.

9) After done, click on the Menu on top left and select Save As > rename e.g Quotation NEW.

You should be able to see the products are group by product code.

By: Rotcana 230614, Lay Swan 230620, P230626