I want to hide the Unit Price and Subtotal if it is 0.00, how can I do it?


You can hide the Unit Price and Subtotal in Design Report if they are 0.00.

1) To design report, click 'Print' and click 'Design Report' button on the right side. Click 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) In Design Report, click on the Unit Price field (1) > click the Expressions icon (f) (2) on the right > go to Visible (3) and input [UnitPrice] != 0.00, then Apply and OK.

You can do the same steps for Subtotal by inputting [SubTotal] != 0.00 at Visible field.

After done, click on the Menu on the top left (4) to Save As a new report design.

The result should be like this:

By: Rotcana 230614, Lay Swan 230620, P230626