I have committed the SST Processor and wish to delete and redo. But there was an error Unable to delete SST Processor. It has been committed. What should I do?


You must reset SST Processor.


1) Go to Master Data > Tax Settings.

2) In Configure Malaysia SST wizard, you may choose either Reset All SST Processor or Reset Latest SST Processor. If you wish to delete the most recent SST Processor, then choose Reset Latest SST Processor.

Reset All SST Processor means to delete all SST Processor.


Reset Latest SST Processor means to delete only 1 period of the SST Processor which is the most recent one.


You need to choose either Cancel SST Document or Delete SST Document. Then click on Reset.

Cancel SST Document means the generated SST Processor document still can be found in system but showing Cancelled.


Delete SST Document means the generated SST Processor document will be deleted after reset.

3) Click on Yes to confirm for the reset latest SST Processor.

You have successfully reset Latest SST Processor.

Remarks: This function is used only when testing SST Processor and you are unable to delete committed SST processed record.

By: Angel 230830, Lay Swan 230908, P230920