How to show Supplier Invoice No. in Purchase Invoice Listing report?


You can design the report to include Supplier Invoice No.

Example below is to show Supplier Invoice No beside Creditor Name.


1) In print listing, click on 'Design Report' button beside Report Name. Click on 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) Click once on Creditor Name field (1) > go to Properties (2) > At Table Cells, click Insert Column To the Right (3) , then it will add an empty tableCell6 (4) next to CreditorName.

3) Then go to Field List (1) > expand objectDataSource1 (2) > expand PurchaseInvoice (3) > scroll down to find SupplierInvoiceNo field.

Click, hold, pull out and drop at “tableCell6” that added previously.

* To add title label ‘Supplier Invoice No., can refer to:

4) After done you may click on Menu on the top left and Save As new report as the original system Report is not allowed to amend and save.

5) When preview the new report, now will see the Supplier Invoice No on Purchase Invoice Listing.

By: Rotcana 230913, Lay Swan 230919, P230920