How to enable 5 Cents Rounding for Invoice?


1) Go to Account Book setting icon (1) > Settings (2).

2) Click on Invoicing (3) > 5 Cents Rounding (4) > Invoice 5 Cents Rounding Option (5), change from Disable 5 cents rounding to Enable 5 cents rounding.

3) Assign Rounding Adjustment Account and click on Save.

If you do not have the account, create it from Chart of Account.

4) Now when create new Invoice, you will see 5 cents rounding checkbox enabled with rounding adjustment amount.

Once the document is saved, view the Invoice, click on Actions > View Posting Detail to view the double entry posting amount.

Here you can notice that the rounding adjustment is posted to account 521-0000 which was assigned earlier.

By: Lay Swan 230901, P230920