AutoCount Cloud Accounting is now integrated with Maybank. You can now make use of this integration to perform the following:

  • Perform Auto Bank Reconciliation


Setup Maybank Account

To make use of these functions, you will need to setup your Maybank account in Cloud Accounting. As a requirement, you need to have Maybank business account and able to login into Maybank2u. Follow the steps below to setup your Maybank account :

1. Login to your Cloud Accounting and click on the top right “Setting” icon > Bank Settings.

2. In the Bank Settings page, it will show all available integrated banks with Cloud Accounting. For Maybank account, click on the Maybank Settings tab.

3. Key in your Business Registration Number at the field provided and click “Save”.

4. Next, click “Connect” and there will come up a Maybank login screen.

5. Proceed to Login. Click on “Proceed to Link” to link Cloud Accounting with your Maybank account.

6. Switch back to Cloud Accounting, you will see a new Maybank account record at the grid which you had updated just now.

7. Select the Bank Account Code (GL Code) in this company that you want to link with your Maybank account. Click “Save” once you are done.

* Currently we only support for local payment only.

* Currently support for Malaysia only.

Creating Bank Rules

Bank Rules help to ease the reconciliation process, so you do not need to manually create a new transaction every time you receive a recurring or the same type of bank transaction.


During the import process of bank transactions into Cloud Accounting, the system will help to check if it meets the conditions that you have set in the bank rules and proceed to assign the Acc. No. (GL code), Description and Journal Type.

To create Bank Rules, click on “+New” button.


Name: Key in your Bank Rules name.

Rules Type: Select the rule type between “Spend Money” or “Receive Money”

Bank Account: Select to “Apply to all bank accounts” or “Apply to selected bank account(s)”. 

If select “Apply to selected bank account(s)”, you can tick the banks you want to apply the bank rules. 

Condition: Select the condition between “Description” , “Reference” or “Amount”. 

Account : Select the GL code for Cash Book Entry detail lines.

Journal Type: Select the journal type.


Click “Save” to commit the changes once you have done keying in or editing the required information.

Applying Bank Rules

Bank Rules is applied when you import bank transactions. For example, below is an imported bank transaction of hire purchase which you pay to another party.

1. You can click on “Reconcile” button on the right side of the bank transaction.

2. You will be able to see the bank transaction is already assign with the bank rules that you had set. You can directly click “Save” if there is no amendment needed.

The bank transaction is successfully reconciled.

Import Bank Transactions

You can import bank transactions after you have link with Cloud Accounting. Refer to the following steps on how to import from Maybank in Cloud Accounting.

1. Click on “+Import” > Import from Maybank.

2. A small pop-up will show up for date selection. Select From Date and To Date needed and click on “Import”.

3. The bank transaction will display in the listing.

Perform Bank Transactions Reconcile

After import from Maybank, you can proceed to perform reconcile for the bank transactions.

There is 2 scenario for Bank Transactions reconcile.

Scenario 1 : Create new Receipt Voucher or Payment Voucher

1. Click on “Reconcile” on the right side of the bank transaction you would like to reconcile.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select “Create new receipt voucher > Assign Acc. No.. You can also select the Journal Type and amend the Description as needed, then proceed to click “Save”.

3. You will be able to see the Status is changed to “Reconciled” with document number. You able to click and view the newly created Receipt Voucher.

Scenario 2 :  Match with existing document

1. Click on “Reconcile” on the right side of the bank transaction you would like to reconcile.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select “Match with existing document > select existing transaction to match.

Note that the transactions must met below 2 condition only will appear in the listing :

  • The voucher date must be earlier than or equal to the bank transaction date
  • The amount must be the same as the bank transaction amount

* Invoice using Bank in "Payment Amount" will also show out in the listing for reconcile. 

You also able to click on the document number to view transaction. Proceed to click “Save” after select.

3. You will be able to see the Status is changed to “Reconciled” with the existing document number.

Unlink Maybank Account

If you wish to unlink the Maybank account with Cloud Accounting, you can go back to Maybank Setting at Bank Settings > click “Revoke Token”. A message confirmation will pop up, if you confirm to revoke, you can proceed click “Yes” or to cancel click “No”. Once you already revoke, your MayBank account is now unlink with Cloud Accounting.