I have key in some info at Invoice’s Document Info - Ref column. How to display Ref field in Invoice Report printout?


1) To design the report, you may click on ‘Print’ and click on 'Design Report' button on the right side. Click on 'Design' at the report that you would like to amend.

2) To pull out Ref, under Field List icon (1) > expand ObjectDataSource1 (2) > Invoice (3) > scroll down to find Ref. Click, hold and pull out Ref to the design report.

3) After that, click on the Menu on the top left corner > Click Save As > Rename to new report as the original system report is not allowed to amend and save.

You can now preview or print this Invoice report format and the outcome will be as shown below.

Note: You can also do the same steps for Remark 1 - Remark 4.


By: Rotcana 240221, Lay Swan 240307, Jae Sen 240401