Why are you still able to edit/void the Cash Book Entry even though already assigned with “Not allow to edit/void old Accounting document”?


The transaction that you attempted to edit/void is created within 1 day.


The access right “Not allow to edit/void old Accounting document” will based on the Created Time of the transaction and only take effects on transactions that has been created for more than 1 day regardless of the document date.


Assuming today is 09/04/2024, and you are trying to void transactions that is in 2 different scenarios.


Scenerio 1: Void transaction that created on 09/04/2024

OR-24040001 Created Time is 09/04/2024 and the Document Date is 01/04/2024.

On 09/04/2024, you can successfully void the transaction because the created time of this transaction is not more than 1 day yet. This means the access control of the option had not come into play at this stage.

Scenerio 2: Void transaction that was created on the older date (more than 1 day)


OR-24020005 both Created Time and Document Date is 01/04/2024.

When you try to void this transaction, system will directly prompt “You do not have permission to void old Accounting document”. This is because the created date had already pass 1 day which will then depends on the access right to control if you are allowed to do so.

Note: The access right also works the same for Sales, Purchase and Stock Document if assigned to any particular user. 



By: Rotcana 240415, Lay Swan 240425, Jae Sen 240430