An option “Show Report Header” had been added to allow you to show company Report Header in the financial reports when preview or print. This option is available in Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet Statement.

The option can be found after you click Inquiry > Print Report at the financial reports.

With this option, you can choose to print out financial reports with or without company Report Header based on your preference.

Uncheck Show Report Header option:

Check Show Report Header option:

If you choose to show Report Header, you might want to remove the default Company Name at the financial report header or the company name might appear twice and looks weird. Below are the steps to remove the Company Name.

1) Click ‘Design Report’ beside the Report Name. Click 'Design' on the report that you would like to amend.

2) In the Report Designer, click once on the field [CompanyProfile.CompanyName] (1) > click ‘X’ on top bar (2).


3) After that, click on the Menu icon at the top left corner, click Save As and rename to a new report as the original system Report is not allowed to overwrite and save.  

4) You can then preview or print your financial report. The result will be as below.

By: Rotcana 240415, Lay Swan 240425, Jae Sen 240430