When I inquiry Stock Card report, there was a notification “The cost calculation is not fully completed. Please run the report at later time if you want to see more accurate cost.”. What does this notification mean and what should I do?


Each recalculation of stock costing will be assigned a queue. If the related transaction was created or changed to today or future date, the recalculation will be done immediately. If the related transaction is back dated, it will be recalculated at mid-night.

When there is a pending queue and user goes to inquiry the report, the system will prompt this notification, set it to be priority queue and recalculation will then kick start (no need to wait until mid-night).

This notification is meant to inform user the recalculate stock costing is not yet fully completed. During this time, stock costing report may not be accurate, but the stock balance quantity is correct.

To view accurate costing report, you will have to wait and run the report after completion of recalculation. After recalculation is completed, there will be no more notification upon inquiry of stock report and the costing will be accurate.


(Result when inquiry for 2nd time: Balance Qty remain the same and Balance Cost is updated and accurate.)


The said notification may be prompted upon inquiry of following reports: 

Periodic Inventory SystemStock Card, Stock Balance, Profit & Loss of Document, Product Profit Margin

Perpetual Inventory System


Using Live Stock
Stock Card, Stock Balance, Profit & Loss of Document, Product Profit Margin, Ledger, Journal of Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet


By: Lay Swan 220403, P220404