How to invite new user to access my account book?


1) Go to Account Book setting > User.

2) Click on +New button.

3) At User Details tab, key in the User ID, Name, select the user roles, and add in the signature if have.

4) At Account tab, key in the user email address (must use valid email). After key in the email address, you will know if the user has registered as AutoCount Cloud user. Then click on Save and invitation email will be sent to the user.

5) The user is created and shown inactive. The active status will be updated once the user attached this account book.

6) You may ask the user to check his email. The user will receive an email as below and may click on Open Account Book or copy and paste the link to your web browser, and login to Cloud Accounting to attach this company.

If the user has not been registered as AutoCount cloud user, the email they receive will show the registration link. User needs to click on the link to register as cloud user and confirm email first before proceeding to attach the account book.

After registered, go back to the email, and click on Open Account Book or copy and paste the link to web browser to attach this company.

7) The company added successfully, click on OK and you can access to this account book.

8) Now this user is set as Active. You may check also your total active Users.


By: Lay Swan 230116, P230125