How to record when customer returned goods and I need to refund him, which Invoice is full paid and has knocked off with Official Receipt.

(Example :  I need to make full refund of RM 100 to customer)


1) Go to Sales > Credit Note > click on arrow beside ‘+New’ and select Copy from Invoice.

2) Click on the Invoice (the row will be in blue colour) and click on Copy. You may also use search function to locate the specific invoice number.

3) Check the Credit Note info and click on Save. You may fill in the reason.

Note for more information on Credit Note may refer to the link :

How to create refund

1) Go to Accounting  > Cash Book Entry > point your cursor to ‘New’ and select ‘New Payment Voucher’ .  Select the customer and fill in details required for refund, select your payment method, amount, and click on Save.

2) A small window will be prompted ‘Do you want to create Knock Off Entry for this Cash Book Entry?’, proceed to click ‘Yes’ to create Knock Off Entry.

3) In Knock Off Entry, check the Credit Note to knock off against the Payment Voucher and make sure the Total Applied Amount is zero , proceed to click on Save. Refund is done.

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