Why when I compare Invoice Listing and Monthly Sales Analysis, the amount does not tally even I filter with the same date range? 

Possible Reason (1):

In Invoice Listing you have included Voided Invoice and Monthly Sales Analysis will not include Void Transactions.

Solution (1):

In Invoice Listing, under Void Status, you need to select the filter ‘Show Not Voided Only’, then can proceed to ‘Run Report’.

You should be able to see the Invoice Listing and Monthly Sales Analysis is tally now.

Possible Reason (2):

There is/are Credit Note within the date range and in Monthly Sales Analysis you have checked to Include CN.

Solution (2):

Uncheck Include CN and compare Invoice Listing with Monthly Sales Analysis.

Or remain checked to Include CN at Monthly Sales Analysis, but when compare, you need to use Invoice Listing (Show Not Voided Only) minus CN Listing (Show Not Voided Only), then compare with Monthly Sales Analysis.

By: Rotcana 230512, Lay Swan 230523, P230523