I wish to create a new numbering format which each month to start with different running number, how to set it?


1) To access Numbering Format, click on the Master Data icon > Numbering Format.

*Example use is for Invoice Numbering Format

2) To create a new Numbering Format, click on the “+New” button.

Alternatively, you can also click on the “+” button of the document type that you wish to add. For example, adding a new Invoice Numbering Format.

3) In the Numbering Format window, key in the Name for your Numbering Format.

For Format, key in the numbering format e.g IV-{@yyyyMM}-<0000>.While typing a format, a Sample is displayed to give you the view of output.

Next, check on the checkbox of ‘Each month with different running set number’, the ‘+’ icon at the bottom will be available to click.

Click on the ‘+’ icon to add Year. You can change the Year to another Year according to your need. And you may set the next number for each month.

*Click on the ‘+’ icon multiple times if want to add more than 1 year at the same time.

If you want the Numbering Format to be default, you can check the checkbox of “Default”, and can proceed to click on Save.

Try to create a new Invoice, you can see the new Invoice number at top.

By: Rotcana 230614, Lay Swan 230620, P230626