Why can't I create a new sub-account under an existing account? This account never creates any transaction. It has an error ‘Can’t set Parent Account to account “700-1010” which has been referenced by Product Posting.’

Possible Reason:

This account number is assigned in the Product Posting, thus unable to add sub account for it.


1) Go to Master Data > Product Posting.

2) Check if the account code 700-1010 is assigned.

3) Click on ‘Edit’, change 700-1010 to another account code, then click on Save.

4) You may proceed to Chart of Account to add sub-account under account code 700-1010.

5) Proceed to Product Posting if you wish to assign the newly created account as default Purchase Account.

By: Rotcana 230710, Lay Swan 230714, P230721