Why there is no pop-up for me to select contact to send document when use Send Document by WhatsApp?


This is because pop up is blocked by browser setting.

For Google Chrome:

1) At browser URL link, click on the small icon pop-up block on the top right.

2) Select ‘Always allow pop-ups and redirect from’ and click on Done.

3) After changing the setting, proceed to send document by WhatsApp again and there will be another tab pop-up for you to ‘Continue to Chat’ for WhatsApp. You should be able to proceed by select and send WhatsApp now.


For iOS Safari:

1) To disable pop-up blocker on your iOS device, launch Setting > tap Safari.

2) At General section, click the toggle button for Block Pop-ups to switch off pop-up blocker.

For other web browser, you may try to find the setting and search for pop-up exception, then add the website 

( and set as Allow for pop-up block.


For more information on how to Send Document by WhatsApp, may refer to the following link:

By: Rotcana 230922, Lay Swan 230929, P231025