How to change login email address?


1) Login one account book, and go to User Profile.

2) Go to Account Settings and click on Edit button.

3) Key in your Current Password and new email address. Then click on Save.

The new email address must not be used/registered earlier in Cloud Accounting.

4) You will notice that the new email address is unverified and pending verification. Please check your email for instructions to verify new email address.

5) Login your email and open the verifying email, click on Verify New Email button.

If you can't click the button, please copy the link below the button and paste it into your web browser.

6) The new email address has been successfully confirmed. You may click Log in to account and login with new email address.

7) The old email address will receive a notification email regarding changed email successfully.

By: Angel 230926, Lay Swan 231010, P231025